Microphone Breakdown: AKG Premium Drum Mic Set

June 08, 2016

AKG Premium Drum Mic Set Today we’re talking about the AKG Premium Drum Mic Set. This is a very well-thought through and put together set, both in mic selection and also in packaging. It is an ideal and affordable drum miking kit for both live and studio. Now, in this blog we’re going to cover: […]

Microphone Breakdown: AKG D12 VR

June 08, 2016

AKG D12 VR Now, throughout this blog I’ll be referring to this mic as the D12, or just simply the VR. But I don’t want it to be confused with AKG’s original D12. The D12 VR is marketed and cosmetically modeled as a vintage reproduction microphone, hence the VR. This mic is completely different from the […]

Microphone Breakdown: AKG C214 | Microphone Rental

January 20, 2016

Hi I’m Stephen with MicRentals.com and today I wanted to talk to you about one of your popular microphone rental the AKG C214. Today we’ll talk about: the general specs of the 214 it’s comparison to the C414 the 214’s most popular uses AKG C214 Microphone Rental                 […]

Microphone Breakdown: AKG C414 XLS | Microphone Rental

January 20, 2016

Hi, I’m Stephen with MicRentals.com and today I wanted to talk about one of our popular microphone rental, the AKG C414. We specifically are talking about the C414 XLS but throughout this blog I will call it the 414.  The AKG C414 was one of the 1st large diaphragm condensers I ever got to work […]

A Solid Choice for the Wireless Mic Rental | An Overview of Shure QLX-D

January 06, 2016

There are a lot of choices out there for wireless mic technology but none better than those we rent at MicRentals.com.  The Shure QLX-D combines the best of Shure’s wireless technology in a very affordable package making it a smart choice for us and our customers.  We chose the QLX-D because it’s affordable, flexible and […]

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